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Dental Impressions

dental impressions

Once upon a time, dental impressions required an uncomfortable mouthful of “goop.”

If you’ve ever had to endure the discomfort of a traditional dental impression, you know how messy the process can be for you, and how laborious it can be for your dentist.

Digital Impression Technlology

Our Hutchinson, KS dental office is excited to offer digital dental impressions, eliminating the need for old-fashioned goop. Digital dental impressions leverage state-of-the-art technology to create a computer-generated replica of your mouth. In a matter of minutes, our digital scanner will create a clear and impeccably accurate model of your teeth, tissue and gums. We can then use that model to create crowns, bridges, dentures and other dental restorations that require such precision.

As simple as scanning your teeth with an intraoral wand, digital dental impressions offer many benefits to patients and dentists alike:

  • Better quality imaging, resulting in a more seamless fitting dental restoration
  • Faster turnaround of both the impressions and your restorations
  • Precise & accurate; no chance of distortions as with traditional dental impressions
  • Comfortable for patients; no goop or mess!
  • Eco-friendly: impressions are stored digitally and there is no need for disposable plastic trays and impression materials

If you have the option to receive digital dental impressions over traditional impressions, it’s a no brainer. Digital impressions are more comfortable, more accurate and much faster than traditional impressions.

Offering digital impressions is just one of the many ways our dental office strives to make your experience as comfortable as possible.


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