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Root Canal Procedures

Root canal

There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure:

Extreme decay; multiple dental procedures performed on the same tooth; or a crack or chip in your tooth. A root canal can save your natural tooth, preventing the need for future dental work and preserving your ability to enjoy your favorite foods and smile with confidence.

It's Ok to Be nervous

Though the words ‘root canal’ alone can trigger fear and anxiety in many individuals, the truth of the matter is that a root canal treatment is virtually painless. In fact, patients who opt for a root canal over an extraction report less pain and a significantly more pleasant recovery.

During a root canal, our dentists disinfect and clean the roots of your tooth, removing the bacteria that cause pain and infection. After your root canal, your tooth will be restored with a crown or filling, at which point it will look and function like any other tooth! It is imperative to have your treated tooth restored, as they can become quite brittle and sensitive after a root canal procedure is performed.

After undergoing a root canal, it is normal to feel some discomfort. Most pain is easily treated with over-the-counter pain medications. You may also experience tenderness while biting, which can last up to four weeks. For complete information on what to expect after your root canal, read our guide: What to Expect After a Root Canal

At our dental office, we do our very best to get emergency root canal patients in right away. We know how uncomfortable tooth pain can be, and understand the sense of urgency to have your procedure performed.


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