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Tooth Extractions

tooth extractions

When teeth break or become damaged by decay, tooth extraction may be in order.

An extraction is the removal of your tooth from its socket in the bone, and is oftentimes the only way to treat such oral health issues as:

  • Spacing issues; if a primary tooth is preventing a permanent tooth from coming in, or if more space is needed for braces
  • Primary tooth not falling out to allow permanent tooth to erupt
  • Tooth decay as a result of exposure to radiation or cancer drugs
  • Risk of tooth infection after surgery or organ transplant
  • Wisdom teeth removal; when wisdom teeth become impacted—stuck in the jaw—they should be extracted

Not all dental practices are able to perform tooth extractions. Our patients truly appreciate the convenience of being able to have their tooth extraction procedure performed right here in our office.

Our experienced team of dentists and oral surgeons will perform your extraction in one of two ways:

  • Simple extraction: This dental procedure is performed when your tooth is visible in your mouth
  • Surgical extraction: A more complex dental procedure, surgical extractions are performed when the tooth is broken off at the gum line, or if the tooth is not visible in the mouth

Most tooth extraction procedures will begin with a dental x-ray to help your dentist strategize the best way to remove your damaged tooth. We may or may not prescribe an antibiotic, depending on your level of risk for infection.

Tooth extraction is most often performed using anesthesia. Our dentists will determine whether you need a local anesthesia, conscious sedation, or general anesthesia for your extraction procedure.

After your tooth extraction, you may experience some pain, bleeding and swelling. We recommend avoiding such activities as smoking, carbonated beverages, strenuous or stressful activity, and hard or crunchy foods for at least 48 hours. For a complete guide to post-extraction oral care, read our guide: What to Expect After Your Tooth Extraction


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